“Love on the Sidelines”

Cast: Emily Kinney and John Reardon
Release Date: January 16, 2016
Movie Description: Laurel Welk is an out of work aspiring fashion designer who lands a job as a personal assistant to superstar quarterback Danny Holland. Holland’s been sidelined with an injury and the last thing he wants is a female assistant, particularly one who knows nothing about football. But the two opposites strike a bargain and agree to work together on a trial basis. While Laurel struggles to master her job, knowing she’s in way over her head, Danny struggles to maintain his star image even though he’s concerned his injury might impact his career. Things get even more complicated when employer and employee start to notice there’s more to the other than meets the eye… and what they find is love on the sidelines.


  • I’m a huge lover of football, so the football theme of this movie was a huge plus for me.
  • The slow build relationship between Danny and Laurel.
  • I really liked Danny’s buddy, Ron Lucas. It was sweet that Ron and Ava started a relationship.
  • Laurel not taking crap from Danny when he was being a jerk at the beginning. I appreciated the fact they didn’t make the lead female a weak character.
  • Laurel and Ava both calling Danny out on him being the center of attention and not being able to do things on his own.


  • Danny’s sexist comments to Laurel.
  • I’m sorry, but WTH is up with that small bed for Newt? That dog is huge and it’s bed was basically a pillow for her! It’s a small detail, but it bothered me. Maybe it’s because all my dogs have beds that are too big for them.

My overall thoughts on the movie: I’m keeping this simple. I really enjoyed this Hallmark movie. I’ve seen it several times, and would watch it again and again.

Would I recommend this movie to others: Absolutely!

My rating: 4/5 (Very Good)



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