“The Perfect Catch” Review

Cast: Nikki Deloach and Andrew Walker
Release Date: April 22, 2017
Movie Description: When her high school boyfriend, a superstar baseball player, returns to town, a single-parent finds the inspiration to reinvent her struggling diner… and revisits the past to find something even better for the future.



  • I’m a fan of sports, so I enjoyed the baseball aspect of the movie.
  • I really liked Jessica’s son, Wesley.
  • I adored Chase and Jessica’s relationship. I always like the story of second chances, when it comes to relationships.
  • Two words: Andrew Walker!
  • It was nice to watch a Hallmark movie, where there is no “villain” trying to interfere with the main characters lives, or just being plain nasty.


  • I have absolutely NOTHING against this movie


My overall thoughts on this movie: I absolutely adored it. The movie came pretty close to Hallmark perfection! The ending was amazing, with Chase getting everything he wanted in life. The chemistry between Chase and Jessica seemed natural, which is always refreshing to see. The mother/son relationship, between Jessica and Wesley was sweet. The overall relationships throughout this movie were pretty darn good. Chase building his strained relationship with his father. Seeing Jessica’s newest ex, Brett, happy for her and Chase at the end. It all made me so happy. “The Perfect Catch” is one of those feel good Hallmark movies that I would watch again anytime it’s on.

Would I recommend this movie to others: 100%, yes!

My rating: 4/5 (Very Good) – Even though this movie was close to perfect, I felt there was something missing.


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