“Valentine Ever After” Review

Cast: Autumn Reeser, Eric Johnson, Vanessa Matsui and Damon Runyan
Release Date: February 13, 2016
Movie Description: Big city girls Julia (Autumn Reeser) and Sydney take a trip to a dude ranch in Wyoming for a fun weekend getaway. But when a brawl ensues in the local bar one night, the girls are sentenced to perform community service for disorderly conduct and are forced to stay in town. In addition to doing odds and ends around town, the girls discover a charitable cause that just might change their lives.


  • Ben. Yes, please. Wow, he was one sweet and good looking cowboy.
  • The location was gorgeous.
  • I liked the storyline. It’s something different and I liked that.
  • I really liked Autumn Reeser’s character, Julia. Autumn always does an amazing job in all Hallmark movies she’s in.


  • Absolutely everything about Gavin. He truly was awful. First, his proposal to Julia wasn’t that heartfelt. He didn’t say many things he loved about her, he mentions that he chooses winners at work and now with her. Like seriously?! He gets upset that Julia didn’t discuss leaving on a trip with a friend. Really? He doesn’t own her. She’s free to do what she wants. Then he has a freak out when Julia and Sydney have to do community service. He’s upset because it’s going to ruin his family image. It’s not like she’s a reckless person, it was an accident. When he surprises Julia and she’s excited to show him all she’s been working on all he can say is “I’d rather you kiss me and tell me how much you miss me.” Does he not care about anything she does and all the hard work she’s done?

My overall thoughts on this movie: I absolutely adored this movie. I’ve seen this movie several times already, and still would watch it again and again. I’m even considering buying it on DVD. I thought the chemistry between our two leads was sweet. The build up with their relationship was believable. You could see their was an attraction from the start, but was built over the month she was there. I love Hallmark movies, and in my opinion, this is definitely toward the top of my list.

Would I recommend this movie to others: Absolutely!!

My rating: 4/5 (Very Good)


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