“Love By Chance” Review

Cast: Beau Garrett, Benjamin Ayres and Brenda Strong
Release Date: April 16, 2016
Movie Description: Claire, an ambitious pastry chef, is busy running her new restaurant, but her meddling mom is preoccupied with her lack of love life. Without her knowledge, Claire’s mother finds her the perfect man, but when Claire finds out it wasn’t fate that brought them together, it could ruin the relationship.



  • Clair’s dad, Sam. He knew exactly how crazy his wife was with the matchmaking and never made excuses for her ridiculous behavior. I also appreciated that he trusted that his wife was faithful to him, when Claire’s uncle approached him about Helen possibly having another man in her life.
  • When Eric called Helen out for her crazy behavior. To be specific, when Helen asked Eric what was wrong he said “Her mother!”


  • The storyline was irritating.
  • Helen. Her intruding in Claire’s life was beyond annoying. It actually gave me a headache every time she mentioned setting her up.
  • Claire. Stop letting your mother tell you what to do. Even what dress to where. Seriously, if you want to wear the blue dress, wear the blue dress. Don’t change into the red one, because your mother finds it more flattering.

My overall thoughts on this movie: Ok, so here’s the thing. I’ve seen this movie several times. The first couple times I watched this movie, I found it watchable. Mainly, because of Benjamin Ayres. The last couple times I’ve watched it, it wasn’t so great. Today when I watched it again to review, it was utterly boring. I actually paused it to do more exciting things like balance my checkbook, do laundry and check Facebook. I just couldn’t get over the irritating mother. I’m roughly the same age as Claire, and still single. If my mother was trying to set me up in the ways that Claire’s mother did I would be more assertive with telling her to butt out. If she wanted to set me up with someone, I would appreciate it if she asked me about it first then give my phone number to someone.

Would I recommend this movie to others: Nope, I sure wouldn’t.

My rating: 1/5 (Horrible)


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