“Stranded in Paradise” Review

Cast: Vanessa Marcil and James Denton
Release Date: August 9, 2014
Movie Description: When a driven HR exec loses her high-powered job, she travels to Puerto Rico in an attempt to save her career at a business conference. But as the trip quickly becomes a disaster and a hurricane shuts down the whole island, she meets a handsome world traveler who gives her a new perspective on finding passion in life-and love.



  • James Denton is in this movie. I enjoy watching him on Hallmark’s “Good Witch.”
  • The scenery in Puerto Rico.
  • Stella with her cat on a leash!
  • I enjoyed Stella’s messages to Tess about God and his timing.
  • Luis, who works at the hotel.
  • Tess finding that girl who she fired at the beginning a job.


  • I wasn’t too crazy about how Tess’ mother and the conversations she had about her work. However, I was happy to see she had a “change of heart” when Tess explained she wanted to let loose a bit.
  • Len. I know he came to realize how much Tess did for the company and wanted her back at the company. It almost came off like he wanted her back, so he didn’t look bad when it came time for the presentation(or whatever it was that was coming up in less than 2 weeks.) He wasn’t prepared and had no idea what was going on with anything in the company.

My overall thoughts on the movie:
This movie just didn’t have the usual charm that I love in Hallmark movies. I wasn’t invested in the movie, or anything that was happening in the characters lives. Although, I thought the acting was decent between the two leads. I didn’t think their romance was that believable. It was another Hallmark movie where the romance was “built” too quick and didn’t have me convinced that these two really felt what they supposedly felt for each other.

Would I recommend this movie to others: I’m keeping it simple. No.

My rating: I went back and forth on my rating for this movie and I’m settling on 2/5(Just Passing By)



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